My Shaldan Japan Gel Car Perfume Air Freshener (Lime, 80 g)

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My Shaldan Japan Gel Car Perfume Air Freshener (Lime, 80 g)


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Price: ₹325.00 - ₹230.00
(as of Aug 08,2022 05:06:05 UTC – Details)

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My Shaldan Car Air Fresheners

My Shaldan is one of the world’s oldest and most popular Japanese brand of gel air fresheners since 1948 ! Since decades, it has been manufactured with the same love and care with no compromise on quality and perfection. Made from natural limonene oil, it has an extremely refreshing, natural and long-lasting fragrance. Each can of My Shaldan contains citrus oil derived from over 500 orange peels ! Unbelievable, but true ! The limonene oil used in making My Shaldan has been known to have several benefits for mind and body in ancient Japanese medicine –

Benefits for your Body :

Aids digestion and detoxifies your system Helps ease constipation and relieves water retention Promotes blood circulation and increase absorption of vitamin C Supports your immunity to fight colds and flu

Benefits for Mind :

Reduces stress and nervousnessEnergizes and fights lethargyHelps treat depressionInduces sleep when combined with lavenderPromotes creative thinking and encourages right brain functioning

My Shaldan’s formulation continues to be a closely guarded secret. Although many companies have tried to imitate its goodness, none have ever come close ! My Shaldan keeps you fresh while driving and its natural fragrance makes the air feel pleasant and pollution-free.





orange oil

orange oil

The Original Since 1948!

My Shaldan originated in Japan in 1948. Since decades, it has been manufactured with the same love and care with no compromise on quality and perfection. My Shaldan is proud to be Japanese ! The formulation of the product continues to be a closely guarded secret passed on by generations. Over the years, many products have tried to imitate the goodness of My Shaldan, but as they say – original is always the original!

The Magic of 500 Oranges!

The main ingredient of My Shaldan is limonene or orange oil, which is derived from the peel of orange through a unique cold-pressing technique. A single can of My Shaldan contains orange oil derived from over 500 orange peels!! Unbelievable, but true!

Health Benefits

Orange Oil has long been used in Japanese medicine to treat coughs and colds. The Romans also recognized the benefits of oranges and used orange water to cure hangovers. It is also a promising lipid-lowering agent, which means it can help lower triglyceride, cholesterol and blood pressure levels. A number of other uses have been confirmed by research studies.







Do we Really Want More Chemicals?

Ask yourself – Sitting in your car with pollution all around you, do you really want to inhale more chemicals through your car air freshener ? Exposure to pollution is unavoidable, but lets not add more to this by using a ‘chemical-loaded’ car perfume ! Atleast lets go natural where we possibly can.

Drive Fresh, Drive Safe!

My Shaldan is so naturally refreshing that it helps you keep your mind alert while driving. Orange Oil has been known to fight lethargy and fatigue. An energetic and alert mind will also tend to drive safely thereby reducing accidents and saving lives!

Value for Money – Always!

My Shaldan is an honest, value-for-money product. Each can lasts for upto 8 weeks. We consciously choose to reduce our spends on advertising & media and instead choose to keep our products at reasonable cost. You would probably not find any Japanese car air freshener of this quality in the vicinity of this cost.


Brought to you in India exclusively by: MatrixOne Brands Pvt. Ltd. (

Contains natural limonene oil derived from the peels of orange.
Each can of My Shaldan contains limonene oil derived from peels of over 500 citrus fruits
Limonene oil has been known since ancient Japanese medicine to have various benefits in reducing stress and fighting lethargy
Sealed tamper-proof metal can & fragrance intensity regulator lid keeps the freshness intact.
Can be used both in car and home for a naturally refreshing experience.
Lasts for upto 60 days. Please keep away from sunlight.
Available in 4 refreshing fragrances – Lemon, Lime, Orange & Squash

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