Involve Gel Can – Carbon Black |Premium Gel Car Perfume, Car Air Freshener with DrivFRESH – ITG01,Car Accessories interior car perfumes and fresheners

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Involve Gel Can – Carbon Black |Premium Gel Car Perfume, Car Air Freshener with DrivFRESH – ITG01,Car Accessories interior car perfumes and fresheners


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Price: ₹399.00 - ₹300.00
(as of Aug 08,2022 03:24:04 UTC – Details)

From the manufacturer

Involve Gel CanInvolve Gel Can

Involve gel can car fragrance is available in 6 designer fragrances. Carbon Black, Citron, Atlantis, Crush, Insignia, and Botanical Garden aroma car perfume to create a pleasant aroma and happy driving experience.

Involve Gel Can – Citron:

Zesty lemon, juicy orange peel layered with tangerine scent, and mandarin touches to revitalize your ambiance. A luxurious and sensual fragrance of rich evocative citrus notes immediately awakens your deepest senses, giving you the impression of living life in your own secret lemon garden.

Involve Gel Can – Carbon Black:

Vibrant interpretation of addiction, inspired by the sun-drenched citrus groves of the tropical rain forest. Carbon black is an invigorating blend of adrenaline-rich dark accords with crisp citrus to inspire the masculine sensations bursting with raw energy. Get your dose.

Involve Gel Can – Atlantis:

Dip yourself in an easy air of elegance and freshness with involve Atlantis. Transform your drive into an ocean of tranquillity with the refreshing fresh aquatic blend to soothe your senses. Atlantis will have you dreaming of nautical adventures in the middle of Mediterranean. Welcome your promising sailing companion.

Involve Gel Can – Crush:

Indulge in the youthful and vibrant concoction that defines you, a charming fruity fragrance. This delectable aroma blends citrus, floral, and fruity accords scent that’s rejuvenating and boisterous. Get close to your Crush now.

Involve Gel Can – Insignia:

A fragrance with the depth and intensity of the Mediterranean Sea, it is sophisticated and intensely masculine, an ode to freshness as sea meets rock. It combines mineral notes with the intensity of frankincense and the seductiveness of patchouli. Elegant and impassioned, blend awakens the senses as it reflects desire. Creating simplicity from complexity. Finding harmony in the contrast of hot and cold, freshness and opacity, the blackest stone and the crystalline gem of the sea. Symbol of identity. Its Insignia, by Involve.

Involve Gel Can – Botanical Garden :

It helps your car smell incredible 24/7 and brings a touch of natural living to any space. It’s perfect for pairing with the long drives that happily welcome you to a new destination time and again. A light, sheer breeze of fragrance to refresh you throughout the drive. A fragrance that will brighten your day as it reveals its fresh and crisp notes of Magnolia and Rose. Heart fragrance blends the sheer scent of florals with tones of cedar, citrus, and a hint of musk. It’s the right accessory to have any day, every day.

OEM Approved car freshener manufacturerOEM Approved car freshener manufacturer

Involve Gel Can

Involve Your SensesInvolve Your Senses Involve Your Senses

Involve Your Senses is a premium Indian brand aimed at giving you a fresh and livelier Car, Home and Office Experience with it’s range of exclusive fragrances in the form of Car Perfumes and Air Perfumes for the people who prefer eminence.

Made in India 75+ Fragrances Premium Quality An OEM Supplier Professional Manufacturer Strong R&D ISO Certified Facility NABCB Approved

Gel based Air Freshener for Car Office & Home

Made in India Air Freshener

Involve Gel Can is quality product of Indian Car Air Freshener Manufacturer Canopy Essence Private Limited. Involve Your Senses has wide range of air freshener products according to varied consumers preferences for aroma and fragrance blends. Involve is one the leading Indian manufacturer of car perfumes or car scent maintaining long-term friendly cooperative relations with many multinational well-known automotive companies, and provides them with professional, complete OEM and ODM service.

Long Lasting Gel Air Freshener Product of Bharat Citric Cologn Aroma Gel Fragrance Controller Slider Keep inside Cup Holder 100% Value for Money Timeless Fragrance Blend Air Freshener Premium Scent

Product Features

Made In India

Made In India

Powered for SUV

Powered for SUV

Keep in Cup Holder

Keep in Cup Holder

Fragrance Controller

Fragrance Controller

Made in India

Involve Your Senses products are made in India. Preferences of people also changes according to their region. That’s why entire Involve Your Senses range is developed to perform and preferred by people from different background.

Powered for SUVs & Sedans

Higher level of Fragrance concentration of Involve Gel Can assists in delivering a fabulous result even in bigger sized cars i.e. SUVs or Sedans where normal car perfumes struggles to perform.

Keep on Dashboard/ Cup Holder

Compact and subtle packaging of the product adds beauty with powerful fragrance performance. Involve Gel Can easily fits into cup holder and it is also compact enough to keep on dashboard of the car without causing any view disturbance.

Fragrance Control Shutter

With vented lid of Involve Gel Can, it’s easy to control the fragrance intensity. By just sliding the shutter one can easily reduce or increase the aroma evaporation.

Product Type
Fiber Car Freshener Gel Based Air Freshener Spray Air Perfume Gel Car Perfume Fiber Car Fragrance Spray Air Perfume

Product Placement
Dashboard/ Cup Holder Cup Holder Hanging Card in rearview mirror Dashboard Dashboard/ Cup Holder Hanging Card in rearview mirror

Musk – Citrus – Spark – Splash – Classic – French Wood – Hype – Snow Fall – Mojito Lemon Atlantis – Citron – Carbon Black – Crush – Insignia – Botanical Garden Aqua – Aura – Earth – Flame – Spirit – Amber Retro – Jazz – Fusion – Club – Symphony Pebble – Coral – Shell – Azure – Escape – Aurum Gold Dust – Silver Sparkle

399.00 399.00 399.00 399.00 499.00 699.00

Avg 45-60 Days Avg 30-45 Days Avg 90 Days Avg 30-45 Days Avg 45-60 Days Avg 90 Days

No leakage/leak proof car interior accessory, best long lasting car air freshener made in India.
Strong fragrances that performs even in SUV’s . High performance car freshner for your journey. Car fragrance that performs even in bigger cabins.
With the adjustable lid you can easily control the level of freshening power, making it suitable for use anywhere – in Home/Car/office, etc.
Luxury elegant design – beautifully designed to sit inside cup holder, Spill proof aroma diffuser car scent which gives royal fragrance.

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